Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Opera Oratorio, Ani's Papyrus

These are some notes that I have scribbled during the one year (2001-2002)
creation process of my opera oratorio 'Ani's Papyrus',
dedicated to the 'Victims of September 11th events'.

How precious life is...

An end increasing the value of every and each moment...

Life can be prolonged by increasing the percepted depth of the moment.

The percepted depth of the moment can be increased
by the essence of the life, work, art of others,
who are living or have lived.

Recursion can augment life.
I had used the text translation and transliteration of Mr. BUDGE's
the Book of the Dead but
I produced my own text by editing.  I did not change any words but
I omitted a lot and brought together as the work requires.

The Book of the Dead are composed of upto 6 thousands years old scrolls
that are put into the coffins in the ancient Egypt.  They pray to the Egyptian
Gods , sun God RA and others to accept the dead to the other world.
To pass to the other world is a very difficult process.  It is an exam where the
dead person have to answer many questions.  The door to the other world
asks its name, the stairs ask their names.  Evrything ask their names.
The dead has to know all...  Actually it is implied that there is a single
answer.  The answer is GOD.

Here is some from the crucial parts:
May be given to me my mouth.
May I speak with it before the God great the Lord underworld.
Not may be repulsed my hand and arm by the divine chief of God any.
I have come at the wish of my heart from the pool of the double fire.
I have come to thee.  I am glorious.
Give thou to me my mouth that I may speak with it
May I follow my heart at its reason of fire and...

You can find the score my opera oratorio
and other works at:,_Ali_Riza